extends <zebkit.ui.grid.Grid>

Shows the given month and year days.

Constructor: ( )

Inherited methods:
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public <String> getCellColor (row, col)

Get days grid cell color.

  • row <Integer>

    a row

  • col <Integer>

    a column

Returns: <String>

a cell color

public void setValue ([date], [month], [year])

Set a month and an year with the given arguments.

  • [date] <Date>

    a date object.

  • [month] <Integer>

    a month.

  • [year] <Integer>

    a full year.

Inherited attributes:
public zebkit.draw.View bg    public zebkit.draw.View border    public Boolean canHaveFocus    public Integer cellInsetsBottom    public Integer cellInsetsLeft    public Integer cellInsetsRight    public Integer cellInsetsTop    public Object constraints    public String defCellColor    public String defXAlignment    public String defYAlignment    public Boolean drawCaptionLines    public Boolean drawHorLines    public Boolean drawVerLines    public Integer editingCol    public Integer editingRow    public Integer height    public Boolean isEnabled    public Boolean isUsePsMetric    public Boolean isValid    public Boolean isVisible    public Array kids    public zebkit.layout.Layout layout    public zebkit.ui.grid.GridCaption | zebkit.ui.grid.CompGridCaption leftCaption    public String lineColor    public Integer lineSize    public String navigationMode    public Boolean paintPosMarkerOver    public zebkit.layout.Layoutable parent    public zebkit.util.Position position    public zebkit.ui.grid.GridCaption | zebkit.ui.grid.CompGridCaption topCaption    public Integer width    public Integer x    public Integer y